About The Live Calendar

Helping creators expand their audience.

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What is The Live Calendar

The Live Calendar is the only online directory for live streaming on all social media platforms. You post your upcoming live events on our site and we help you expand your audience by increasing your visibility to search engines and our visitors. We'll also send reminders to your audience based on their interest in your event.

Who is it for

If you are a content creator looking to grow your audience, or just have your fans get reminders about when you are going live, then you'll love our platform. It's hard to discover live video events and their schedule on the web so we built a directory to do just that.

Who we are

We are a small team of talented developers who love to build things. We built this site partly for the challenge and fun of it and partly because we couldn’t find a comprehensive directory for online live events. After all, who wants to sit at a computer all day waiting for a notification that a live event is starting?

The site is built with Elixir, Phoenix, and Tailwind CSS if you're interested in such things. These technologies make the site blazingly fast and we're sure you'll enjoy using it.

Why we built this

Remember when TV Guide was a thing? We do. Not the TV Guide app, but real, honest to goodness printed booklets that told you what was on for the next week or two. There were no Smart TVs or program guides back then. There was definitely no internet.

We'd like to bring back that sense of discovery to Live Video across a new technology landscape. The platforms today, like the networks of yesterday, have plenty of new and exciting things watch. And we think finding them should be easy.

Our background

We spent decades writing software for multi-national corporations while dreaming of building something useful and relevant. Now we have the opportunity to pick the technologies we use in our day to day activities and it is amazing!

We want you to have a great experience on our site and we've worked hard to ensure the navigation is seamless and easy. If you think something is missing feel free to drop us a line!

We need your help

If you are a creator or maker, The Live Calendar will help you grow your audience by making your events discoverable outside your publishing platform. We’re all in on helping you expand your channel and are working hard on implementing new features.

Drop us a line with how we can help you grow your channel. We’d love to hear from you!