Introducing The Live Calendar

Are you a producer creating live videos and frustrated because you’re not attracting an audience? Ideally, you’d like more viewers since you know you’re putting out good quality content but the only ones who can find you are your friends and your mom.

Maybe you like to participate in live events and signed up to be notified on one of the popular platforms and anxiously awaited the event. Then you went about your life and never got advance notice of when the event starts, so you missed it and now you’re pissed.

The Live Calendar can help with both of those. It’s an online streaming directory that features upcoming events, promotes the discovery of new and interesting live streams and allows you to get reminders of any event you’re interested in up to a day before the event starts.

Live stream discovery

One of the difficulties in the online world, especially when it comes to video, is getting attention for your content. With hundreds of hours of video content uploaded every minute to YouTube alone, getting any kind of traction for your live event can seem daunting.

One way to get more exposure to your channel is to promote your upcoming live events on the social channels you use. Your followers may see your post in their feed, however, and this is important - you want to reach people who haven’t heard of you yet.

The other (and some would say better) way to get more exposure is to let the search engines find your upcoming events and present them in their result results. Google has been working on their event search algorithm to present more information about an event including the time and a link directly to your event. All you need to do is add structured data to your website with the required information and they’ll provide a decent experience to people searching for your event.

This is great if you have a website that people visit and the search engines crawl. Your followers can keep up to date when you post your upcoming events schedule on your site.

However, these approaches still don’t answer the question of how to get discovered by people who don’t already know about you.

The Live Calendar was built specifically to address this problem. Much like channel guides in the broadcast industry, we provide a channel guide for live streaming creators. This allows people to discover new and interesting live events while also providing more visibility in the search engines.

When you post details about your upcoming live stream event into our system, you can attract new viewers who are looking for what you have to offer. And it helps increase your exposure to search engines.

Events, not broadcasts

Generally speaking, when you say ‘live stream’ you think events.

But that’s like saying there are ‘shows’ on television. We all have a wide range of interests that broadcasters try to accommodate. You can satisfy your food viewing cravings by watching any number of cooking shows, or tune into talk shows, which really are mislabeled since all you get to do is listen.

Television started by modeling itself on radio, which is a listen only medium. Early TV programs adapted radio shows into the new format while it figured out how to engage the audience in the new visual format. Yet, given the nature of broadcasting, television could only be a one way medium. You could not interact with the talent. Imagine what ‘shows’ might have become if networks were able to figure out two way communication.

Live streaming, while still in its infancy, is what broadcast television could never be - a two way medium that allows you to interact with your audience. Although live streaming started off as webcasting, which was the broadcast model applied to a new distribution platform, it is starting to come into its own. Just like television did earlier.

Creative people are starting to expand what’s possible with live streaming by providing a way for their audience to interact with them and each other. There are the obvious applications, like music instruction and online training. And it seems obvious now because of its ubiquitousness, but live game streaming wasn’t really a thing until Twitch made it hugely popular.

Today, people are searching for live events because they no longer want to be passive observers. They want to interact with you, to ask questions, to develop rapport and to engage with you - the creator.

When your new audience does found you they’ll be able to interact with you in ways that were never before possible.

A directory across all social media platforms

The live streaming landscape spans many different platforms, making it hard to find interesting content without a search engine or a directory.

The Live Calendar is one such directory for all types of live streaming events hosted on any social platform. You’ll be able to find things like church services on YouTube, Instagram Live weddings, Facebook Live virtual book launches, or product demos on LinkedIn Live. And, if you’re looking for events on a specific platform, you can restrict the results to show only upcoming events on that platform, for example “show me upcoming events only on Snapchat“.

As a creator, you can post your events and grow your audience for gamers, online training, Zoom lectures, Twitch concerts, music and performing arts series, news, question and answer sessions or anything you can think of.

We’ve done the hard work of being able to generate structured data for events you post on our site. This lets search engines find the data they’re looking for in order to display your information in their event search algorithm. We don’t believe we need to be the only place where people can find your live stream and want to help you increase your visibility.

Reminders for upcoming events

reminders for upcoming events

Most social media sites provide a way to get reminders about events you’d like to watch as long as you’re on their platform at the time the event starts. There is nothing wrong with getting reminders in that way as long as you are engaged on the site.

We provide a way for you to get a reminder for upcoming events an hour before it starts, four hours before it starts, and one day before it starts. You can choose any (or all) combinations of these for any event you find on The Live Calendar. That way you can go about your life and not worry about missing the thing you wanted to see because you weren’t on the site when it started.

However, reminders can only be sent for live stream events that are posted on The Live Calendar. So ask your favorite live streamers to post their upcoming events on our site so you can get future reminders too.

Create a free account to get reminders for any event you’re interested in. We’ll send you an email to remind you at the times you selected for the event.